Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Importance of Customer Service: Part 2

So, after sending the email to Amazon, I promptly received a reply. They expressed their disappointment about the whole experience and gave me a 30% off credit, amounting to around $6. That's fine, I thought. I wasn't looking for money, but it was a nice response.

The man who replied to my email seemed very heartfelt and sympathetic. His words made me feel somewhat special, though I'm sure I'm one of many who complain about their orders.

So, the point of these segments were to explain that customer service goes a long way. Remaining nice, sweet, and patient wins you customers in the event of a mishap that is, quite frankly, out of your control.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Importance of Customer Service: Part 1

Recently I have been dealing with a customer service issue with My dad's birthday is on Tuesday and he had sent me an Amazon wishlist with some books and DVD's that he would like. So, I ordered them. Two of the items were from Amazon itself, while the third was from a seller within the Amazon community.

A couple days later, I receive an email from Amazon informing me that my package of two items would be sent separately, as one item was not yet able to be shipped. They also wrote that it would be of no cost to me. No problem, I thought.

Today, I received one item. Every time I have purchased an item from Amazon, I've received it nicely package in a cardboard box to keep the item from being damaged. It was not the case this time. I received the item, a 440 page book, in a brown paper envelope. I opened it to find the corners bent and damaged from mailing.

While I understand that it is not Amazon's fault that the book and envelope went through rough mailing, it IS Amazon's responsibility to use protective packaging. I sent an email to Amazon's customer service expressing my disappointment and anger.

Let me know about your experiences. As a seller, have you ever sent an item that ended up getting damaged in the mail? What did you do? As a buy, have you ever received an item that was damaged? What did you do?

Part II will follow in the next few days as this issue is corrected!


So, as you can, see I updated my blog layout! What do you think? I'm loved the old one, but I feel like this is more eye-friendly. Let me know what your opinions are! Also, I wanted to update the banner to match the one in my PinkSunrise store. I really need to start creating a cohesive brand a bit better.

I also got a twitter! You can see it at Please follow me and I'll return the favor!

I'll write a longer post a bit later. I'm still in bed at the moment!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in March

Today is the first day of March! Only 26 days til my birthday!

I had a wonderful day today. My best friend and I went to the Annapolis Warehouse Sale downtown today and loaded up on tons of goodies. At 75% off original prices, it was too hard to pass up. I spent $100 and got quite a nice loot:

  • Pair of navy cords from Free People. Originally $68, I got them for $28. Saved $40!
  • Two Honeydew fruit thongs. Originally $9 each, I got each for $3. Saved $12!
  • One black and grey KensieGirl skirt. Originally $58, I got it for $15. Saved $43!
  • One white KensieGirl shirt with ruffles. Originally $38, I got it for $10. Saved $28!
  • And lastly, one Free People blue flowered dress. Originally $135, I got it for $38. Saved $97!
That brings my savings to a grand total of ... (drumroll please!) $220!! Minus the $10 I spent on the VIP package which got me free valet parking and an extra hour for shopping before the crowds got there. Still, what a deal!

I absolutely love sales! It was a bit crazy, women were either undressing in the middle of the space or fighting for space between a clothing rack and a wall. But it was definitely worth it and I hope

to go in the fall if I'm not at college yet.

So, my bragging is over. Well, not quite. Tonight, Annapolis is covered in a layer of snow that has been falling since about 3 pm. Schools have already been canceled, so I'm planning my day tomorrow. I really want to start crafting again, but I've been so overwhelmed with school, friends, family, boyfriend, college, etc.

Also, I'm sure everyone's been watching MadeByHank. In the past few days she has sold over 100 items as a result of becoming the Featured Seller. I'm sure she is quite overjoyed AND overwhelmed, but it must be so fun! Congratulations!

I'll leave by posting one of my favorite "snow" items. It is supposed to be spring in three weeks, but until then I guess I'll have to love the snow while its here.

This soap must be so wonderful to smooth over dry, wintry skin in a warm shower or bath!
$10 from SugarCandieBeauty