Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in March

Today is the first day of March! Only 26 days til my birthday!

I had a wonderful day today. My best friend and I went to the Annapolis Warehouse Sale downtown today and loaded up on tons of goodies. At 75% off original prices, it was too hard to pass up. I spent $100 and got quite a nice loot:

  • Pair of navy cords from Free People. Originally $68, I got them for $28. Saved $40!
  • Two Honeydew fruit thongs. Originally $9 each, I got each for $3. Saved $12!
  • One black and grey KensieGirl skirt. Originally $58, I got it for $15. Saved $43!
  • One white KensieGirl shirt with ruffles. Originally $38, I got it for $10. Saved $28!
  • And lastly, one Free People blue flowered dress. Originally $135, I got it for $38. Saved $97!
That brings my savings to a grand total of ... (drumroll please!) $220!! Minus the $10 I spent on the VIP package which got me free valet parking and an extra hour for shopping before the crowds got there. Still, what a deal!

I absolutely love sales! It was a bit crazy, women were either undressing in the middle of the space or fighting for space between a clothing rack and a wall. But it was definitely worth it and I hope

to go in the fall if I'm not at college yet.

So, my bragging is over. Well, not quite. Tonight, Annapolis is covered in a layer of snow that has been falling since about 3 pm. Schools have already been canceled, so I'm planning my day tomorrow. I really want to start crafting again, but I've been so overwhelmed with school, friends, family, boyfriend, college, etc.

Also, I'm sure everyone's been watching MadeByHank. In the past few days she has sold over 100 items as a result of becoming the Featured Seller. I'm sure she is quite overjoyed AND overwhelmed, but it must be so fun! Congratulations!

I'll leave by posting one of my favorite "snow" items. It is supposed to be spring in three weeks, but until then I guess I'll have to love the snow while its here.

This soap must be so wonderful to smooth over dry, wintry skin in a warm shower or bath!
$10 from SugarCandieBeauty

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  1. Way to go on the sales! My mom and sister love that kind of stuff and I'd rather stay a hundred miles away from that kind of hullabaloo!
    I'm an idiot and would rather go to a calm store and pay the moron's full price just to avoid the craziness! Am I a total fool or what?