Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Etsy Seller of the Week: MoonofGlass

Hello everyone! Today marks the first Etsy seller interview (of many I hope!) Meet Elizabeth of Moonofglass. Elizabeth make beautiful pendants out of fused glass.  Read her interview to learn more about her and her Etsy business!

1. Tell us about yourself and your store. What do you make?
My name's Elizabeth, and I make fused glass jewelry and home decor items. I sell these under the studio name Moon of Glass.

2. What inspires you?
I often find inspiration in nature. I also absolutely love glass. I can pick up an unusual piece of glass have these great ideas. The play of light and color in glass is amazing - I often feel like I'm creating with light itself.

3. When did you start your business? Was Etsy your first venue?
Well, I sold at some craft shows and in a few local stores before I discovered Etsy. I opened my business two years ago, and started out selling mosaics and stained glass. About a year ago, I discovered fusing, and fell in love! At the end of October 2008, I opened up shop on Etsy. 

4. Do you sell on any other venues? Where can we find you? 
I don't sell anywhere else online, yet. I've been debating about looking into other places, but Etsy is about all I can keep up with right now! I do have my own website (http://www.moonofglass.com) but I don't have much set up on it yet.

5. Do you plan on selling full time at any point?
That's my dream! I work full time now at Vanderbilt University. I'll stay there for a few more years, most likely, and pay down some debt... I owe a lot from grad school. I'd like to continue to build up my business in the mean time. Then, once the debts are paid off, I'll quit my day job and work full time on what I love!

6. What tips do you have for new sellers? Any advice?
Pictures are the most important thing for selling online. Learn to take excellent pictures. After that, the key is promotion. You've got to get the word out!

7. Think up a question - and answer it!
Let's see - something that would have been helpful for me when I first started selling would be some hints at pricing. I've found my best selling price point is between $15-$25.

8. Anything else you'd like to share?
My motto - do what you love and the rest will follow. I strongly believe this to be true.

Visit Elizabeth at MoonofGlass to see more of her beautiful items! Thank you!

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  1. Wonderful interview! I love Moon's work! It's gorgeous!