Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! I hope yours has gone as well as mine. My boyfriend gave me a delicious mix of Sweetart Conversation Hearts and Hershey Milk Chocolate bars. My secret pleasure is to melt milk chocolate in the microwave and then dip Sweetarts in it. Everyone thinks its really gross and all that, but I love it. Whenever I feel upset or in need of comfort food, I beeline straight to Rite Aid to get my fix. Make sure not to burn the chocolate!

Moving on, my usual perusing through Etsy revealed really cute picks today! These items can be used all year round when you are feeling especially cheery and romantic!

Felt Heart Valentine's Day Brooch in Blue, Light Pink, or Hot Pink by onecozynest

Pink Valentine Owl Pincushion by rabbitsmoon

Ivory Hearts Cup Sleeve by gabriellamistral

Robot iPod Gadget Case by NORMandLOU

Still on a lookout for that great bag. I've accumulated a few favorites though!


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